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Instant digital inventory ordering

CastLab's platform uses advanced machine learning to identify parts for on-demand manufacturing, integrating seamlessly with your workflow and supporting part design, conversion, and quality control. After design approval, it matches your order with an Additive Manufacturing partner, ensuring hassle-free delivery of precise parts.


CastLab can utilize its knowledge advantage to perform data analysis on customer data lists to assist in guiding customer supply chain digitalization​ to seamlessly integrate with your PLM, PDM, and ERP systems for enhanced efficiency.


Easily upload your part designs to create and manage your secure digital inventory on our platform. Request scanning, reverse-engineering services, and quality control tests directly through our online platform. Seamlessly turn physical stock into digital warehousing, and cut storage costs and reduce lead times!


With one click, order your needed parts from our library. Entrust us with production and logistics, benefiting from our extensive network, delivering value straight to your company, enhancing convenience and efficiency in your supply chain.

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Instant casting  on demand

Our innovative platform harnessing the power of data analytics, a digital warehouse, and On-Demand Casting using 3D printing. With real-time monitoring capabilities, our global customers can seamlessly transition from traditional inventory to on-demand manufacturing, ensuring supply chain health and adaptability.

Providing all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Working with ISO certified partners.

Using established and proven local partners.


Reduction of total
cost of ownership


Combining 70 years expercience
with new technology

1 days

From 150 days down
to 10 days delivery

Applying sustainable
and circular solutions


Why CastLab?

In areas of high investment and risk, our digital supply solution now enhances financial performance, accelerates time to market, mitigates risk, and reduces environmental impact. Collaborate with us to transform your supply chain into a smarter, more efficient system, as companies across industries are doing.

TCO Reduction

CastLab’s on-demand production of castings helps minimize inventory costs by producing parts as needed, reducing waste and excess stock. This lean approach facilitates just-in-time manufacturing, streamlining supply chains and lowering overhead costs.


Local production and embrace small order quantities, fostering a circular economy mindset. By prioritizing local sourcing and minimizing transportation distances, we mitigate carbon emissions, reduce waste, and support eco-friendly, sustainable practices.


We’re at the forefront of streamlining digitalization, transforming physical inventory into digital warehousing, thereby slashing storage expenses and minimizing lengthy production durations. This guarantees our clients’ readiness for the dynamic landscape of today’s market.


At CastLab, products can be manufactured in various types of metals, unlike other manufacturers who offer a limited selection. This flexibility enables the revival of obsolete parts in the manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, by ensuring that all parts are cast with their original content and properties, we guarantee compliance with all safety and regulatory requirements. Our products will precisely match the provided drawings.

Supply Chain

With all geopolitical situations, it’s become increasingly important to have a reliable logistics network. With the deployment of the services of CastLab, you can rely on fast & no-nonsense production and delivery, leading to reducing lead times and supply chain complexities. CastLab can enhance your flexibility and  time-to-market when you need to enter another market with a new product. There’s no need for long waiting / delivery times when you need speediness the most!


CastLab offers invaluable support in prototyping, particularly when the final appearance or functionality of a product or machine is uncertain. With CastLab’s comprehensive services, clients have the flexibility to order and modify necessary components, allowing for the creation of prototypes tailored to exact specifications. This iterative process facilitates the development of the optimal product, ensuring that design revisions can be swiftly implemented to achieve the desired outcome.



Transforming your ideas into reality is what we do best at CastLab's Quick-Scan service. Whether it's resurrecting an old drawing or repairing a broken part, we're with you every step of the way. We specialize in engineering 2D and 3D drawings into 3D molds and casting the article in the metal of your choice. 

Once you submit your data we will send you a price indication within 48 hours. This includes details on pricing, total cost of ownership savings, potential delivery dates, and even the CO2 footprint of your project. This information will be promptly delivered to your email inbox.


Trusted by Innovators

Got a project in mind? Feel free to send it over via message or give us a call.

Proad member of
the Circular Value Center

RailTech Europe 2019
1st place Start-Up Award

North-Brabant Circular
3rd PLACE Innovation Top 20

About us

Metal Casting on Demand

At CastLab, our mission is to reduce overproduction of metal spare parts. As a service provider, we guide the manufacturing industry and its customers in making responsible choices regarding material usage, resource planning, (reverse) engineering, and cost reduction. We take pride in being the leader in steering the manufacturing sector towards more sustainable production of metal components.

We aim to create a market for metal parts where every manufacturer and customer has seamless access to the products they need, whenever and wherever they need them. Our approach minimizes raw material waste, contributing to an efficient supply chain and a sustainable industry.

At CastLab, we believe in the power of innovation and responsibility. By leveraging advanced technologies and industry expertise, we help our clients optimize their production processes and achieve their sustainability goals. Whether it’s through precise resource planning or cutting-edge reverse engineering, we’re here to support your journey towards a more efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing practice.

Join us at CastLab, where sustainability meets innovation, and together we can build a future with less waste and more efficiency.


Latest News

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