The sustainable

way of casting metal

CastLab combines 75 years of craftsmanship in metal casting with innovation rooted in sustainability

At CastLab, we believe that spare parts should be available anytime, anywhere and that it should be fast, easy and cost-effective. At the same time, we also want to be a part of making this a better, more sustainable world for everyone. Our industry requires smart, sustainable and future-proof solutions that ensure you can remain operational without exhausting the planet’s resources.
That’s why we cast metal on demand and introduce our spare-parts-as-a-service. CastLab’s service offerings include design, engineering, production, machining, predictive maintenance and digital warehousing.

We are here for you, our customers, first and foremost. After all, we are a business and we take care of our customers with pride. They reap many benefits from our new approach:

In short, say goodbye to just-in-case inventory strategies and say hello to just-in-time and just-in-stock. This enables you to focus on your primary daily operations without worry. 

Yet, if you look carefully at this list, you see that each of them has an environmental impact as well. Reducing the resources needed, avoiding waste and lessening logistical impact on the environment. 

And we do not stop there, we also understand the positive environmental impact of having local partners. We want to be a global digital provider that works with local partners that can do the manufacturing work right where our customers are. 

CastLab aims to be the global metal casting on demand platform that stands for quality, sustainability and an excellent customer experience.

What’s next for CastLab?

Our next step is to expand and increase the density of our global network. This will further reduce the amount of polluting logistics required for delivering the metal parts we manufacture. It will also empower local businesses by enabling them to work for clients from around the globe. We were very proud to receive a circularity award, yet we realize we should never stop improving. We can always diminish our ecological footprint even further - join us on our journey!

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