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From design to an unique memorial: Tankgrachtbrug De Tippe

We are proud to share the news that CastLab has contributed to the Tankgracht Bridge monument in the Stadshagen district of the Municipality of Zwolle. The bridge features a unique design incorporating parts from Sherman tanks. CastLab produced these parts based on the design by buro MA.AN, a firm active in urban planning, visual arts, landscape, and architecture.

Based on the designs from buro MA.AN, CastLab created the 3D drawings used to make the 3D printed sand molds and initial prototypes to ensure that the final parts would come out perfectly from the mold. Our partner, Bersselaar Constructie BV, ultimately provided the technical construction of the bridge.

As a company, we are proud to have played a role in this project that keeps the history of Zwolle alive. We remain committed to projects that are not only innovative and functional but also have cultural and historical significance for our community. In addition to industrial parts, CastLab also dedicates time to art, design, and architecture.

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