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Development of digital product passport

CastLab is collaborating with 330 partners in the NXTGEN Hightech program, investing €1 billion with support from the National Growth Fund to drive innovation and sustainability in the Netherlands. As part of this initiative CastLab is contributing in the development of digital product passports.

These passports provide comprehensive information about a product's properties, materials, origin, production methods, applications, and carbon footprint, essential for achieving a sustainable economy. With increasing demand driven by both corporate social responsibility and legislation, CastLab sees product passports as crucial for transparency and achieving sustainability goals in the metal sector. Beau van den bergh, Project Manager at CastLab, emphasizes the importance of these passports in meeting customer demands and regulatory requirements, stating, "A digital passport forms the starting point to achieve these goals. It also provides complete transparency to our customers, this is our future."

The company is actively involved as a pioneer in this field, with ongoing research into the development of product passports. While the concept is still evolving, CastLab acknowledges the crucial role it will play in the future sustainability landscape.

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