Mindlabs official partner of CastLab

MindLabs facilitates collaboration between Education, Research and Entrepreneurship at the intersection of interactive technologies and human behavior. MindLabs creates innovative collaborative projects in the areas of Robotics & Avatars, Virtual & Mixed Reality, Serious Gaming and Natural Language & Data Technologies. The interaction between humans and technology is central to these projects. Both large companies and start-ups are part of the MindLabs ecosystem.

With the Startup Kitchen, Tilburg presents itself as a city with knowledge and expertise on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) and human-centered design. Startups are located in one place, making it easy for the companies to help each other, and to test innovative ideas.
Within the Startup Kitchen, CastLab and CastLab Proeftuin (= the innovation ecosystem) focus on the (digital) combination of new technologies with existing and conventional solutions in the manufacturing industry. For example experimenting with new materials and the use of sensors in individual parts.

CastLab aims to grow within MindLabs. "We want to go from four places in the Startup Kitchen to 20 places in the new building soon," says Melis. Melis also sees the added value for the regional economy. "The Tilburg manufacturing industry needs a future-proof strategy. You have to be close to the developments to see opportunities".