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CastLab as a participant in NXTGEN

he Goal of Brainport NXTGEN: Bringing the Netherlands Back to the Top

The Netherlands is an international leader in ultra-precise high-tech equipment. However, the continuity of this position is threatened by political interests and growing competition from other parts of the world. Additionally, investments in R&D are significantly lower than in other knowledge-driven countries, hindering growth. The program’s goal is to ensure sustainable economic earning capacity for future generations and contribute to solutions for major societal challenges. To achieve this, the NXTGEN Hightech program will invest approximately €1 billion by 2030 and will boost the Dutch economy with 330 partners. The National Growth Fund supports this program with €450 million.

CastLab is involved in two projects within NXTGEN: Smart Industry and Smart Supply Network. Below is a brief explanation of the projects.

The Challenge: Market Shortages

The next generation of equipment demands more from our industry while fewer people are available. The Dutch industry must lead in applying digitalization to compensate for the lack of manpower and thus remain capable of producing more high-quality components.

The Approach: A Foundation for Smart Factories

Within Smart Industry, we ensure that this is achieved through new innovations: a foundation that enables everyone to start with digitalization. Applications that automate a larger part of the supply chain and innovations to become more productive with higher quality and a richer product range. In regional test centers, the results of these innovations are translated into practice in real production setups so that factories can become truly autonomous. In this way, we work within all domains to build a digital future.

Call to Action

Are you ready to be part of this change? Contact CastLab today and discover how we can optimize and sustain your production processes. Together, we can make a positive impact.

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