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DAA visiting, the changing role of aluminum and digital casting-on-demand

The board of the Dutch Aluminum Association visiting CastLab

Last week, we had the honor of welcoming the members and the board of the Dutch Aluminium Association (DAA) to our company, CastLab. It was a wonderful afternoon with various companies in the aluminum value chain. At CastLab, we presented our vision for the future and how our team is implementing sustainable casting, utilizing tools such as 3D printing and new digital techniques. We also invited speakers: Joris van de Sande from NS, 3D Printing Program Manager, who spoke about the collaboration with CastLab and NS’s circularity goals and how we are working together to achieve them; and Prof. Dr. Ton Wilthagen, Professor of Labor Market Studies, who spoke about Reshoring 2.0, the future of the labor market, and the role of the skill-based economy. Many thanks to our speakers and to the DAA for a memorable afternoon!

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