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Mobility Goes Additive Network

CastLab participates in the Mobility Goes Additive Network.

CastLab, a growing company in the field of metal part production, is pleased to announce its membership of the Mobility Goes Additive (MGA) – network as a knowledge partner specializing in casting. This collaboration reflects CastLab’s commitment to knowledge sharing, co-creation, and enhancing the use of additive manufacturing in casting. In the realm of metal part production, knowledge sharing is crucial to achieving optimal project outcomes. As this is a core value of CastLab, it has now been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the casting domain within the Mobility Goes Additive network, an honor that the company proudly accepts. Membership of Mobility Goes Additive presents an exciting opportunity for CastLab to share its extensive production knowledge with esteemed clients and collaborators. By facilitating the exchange of insights and expertise, CastLab anticipates contributing to improved product quality and streamlined, more sustainable production processes. This engagement aligns with CastLab’s mission to foster enhanced collaboration among supply chain partners and clients.

Mobility Goes Additive – an initiative of Deutsche Bahn since 2016 – is a renowned community of organizations, ranging from startups to well-established multinationals, all dedicated to advancing additive manufacturing and its possibilities. CastLab’s involvement in the Mobility Goes Additive network signifies a significant step forward in the company’s ongoing journey of innovation and improvement within the realm of casting and additive manufacturing. The image below shows a couple of the topics that are being discussed at MGA.


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