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CastLab offers metal casting on demand globally, both on an order by order basis as well as through a subscription model we describe as parts-as-a-service. Whether you need the spare parts, obsoletes or prototypes yourself or you are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) having to deliver long tail articles with a reduced demand,CastLab can help you with metal casting on demand.

Find out the details of the many possibilities below.

Metal casting on demand

CastLab creates any metal spare parts, obsoletes and prototypes on demand. If desired, we can get it to you in the space of just ten working days from a client-approved 3D cast-drawing (the ready-to-cast or RTC file) until delivery. Based on your desired specifications we create a 3D model in an RTC file or you supply us yours. This ‘digital twin’ can then be manufactured and cast into metal. If you ever need the same object again later on, we can simply reuse theRTC file stored in your own personal, secure library. In fact, it’s as simple as reordering it online with the click of a button.

Benefits of metal casting
on demand with CastLab

Drastically lowered lead times
Option to guarantee delivery in 10 working days
No minimum order quantity
Personalized, secure library of your digital twins for reordering
75+ years of experience in quality metal casting
Extensive testing and certifications available
Simple and smooth end-to-end customer experience

Our available metal casting options


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Parts-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Our Parts-as-a-Service subscription model aims to help you get on top of your inventory and replacement parts strategy by changing to digital warehousing. Parts-as-a-Service combines all the advantages of metal casting on demand listed above with a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees the timely delivery of any parts you might need within ten working days. We can parse complete lists of your parts through an automated process to determine which parts can be cast in metal. Then we create digital twins of the parts, including obsoletes, you identify as important to have ready. From there on, for a yearly fee, we guarantee the ten-day delivery of any of these digitized parts in whatever quantity you may need them.

Being able to order what you need, in the quantity you need, when you need it will dramatically change the logistics and warehousing needs of your business. Operational costs will go down with less downtime because of the short lead time, less overhead from warehousing, not having to buy and store surplus objects because of high MOQs, less risk, increased sustainability and the list goes on.

Parts-as-a-Service in real life: Dutch Railways

Curious about how much savings this brings in a real life business scenario? An impressive 25k per spare part, on average! Read the Dutch Railways case study and discover why they were among the first to sign up.